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About us
Digital signage
is a highly demanded and effective advertising tool, it can attract new customers and maintain loyalty of existing ones by creating positive impression about goods or services being advertised.
New customers
Maintain loyalty
Positive impression
Our screens and displays
work across the territory of the UAE under the trademark InDoor.TV & NT.Payments. InDoor.TV is an innovative advertising product in the UAE.
We install
InDoor.TV promo screens in crowded public areas
such as shops, business centers, hotels, restaurants, etc.
InDoor.TV in numbers
We offer
More than
screen in the UAE
More than
2 million
users per day
30 million
customers / month
6 million
views of advertisements
per day
Your advertising in

Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Government Departments,
Education institutions, hyper markers, restaurants,
mobile shops, groceries ... etc,
Our products
Display resolution Full HD (1080x1920)
Operating Temperature 10-40°C
Screen size(Diagonap from 65")
Product with the DE marking comply
with the DM Direcliye(2004/108/DC)
InDoor.TV promo screens
A display has different size depending on the use and available space, this is a highly-efficient instrument for promoting goods and services throughout the UAE. Displays are located in the places with high stream of people that allow to actively popularize goods and services being advertised. Wide coverage and advertising targeted by geographical location and nationality, category of place and required number of demonstrations ensure an individual approach
to every advertising provider to achieve their specific goals
Different size of displays
High stream of people location
Wide coverage
Targeting of adverising
Premium NT. Payments Advertising Platform
Premium NT.Payments Advertising Platform is a new product that combines the capabilities of a self-service payment kiosk and a digital advertising platform. Payment services and digital signage are in high demand in the UAE. Customers, providers, landlords and advertisers express interest in this product.
These kiosks are focused on the premium segment buyers and located in large supermarkets, shopping malls, business centers, hotels, restaurants. They provide advertisers with the targeted advertising at this segment.
A kiosk features face tracking and recognition controller that provide great opportunities for advertisers. Spot advertising provides a 100% at in particular consumer services. edit-in camera can determine the gender, nationality, and even facial expressions of a customer. All of this gives us confidence that the advertisement will achieve Its goals and convince a customer to buy a product or service.
Besides, an NT. Payments kiosk receipt with printed information about a payment is also one of additional advertising means. Information can be placed on the reverse side of the receipt
or on the front side (optional).
The main display also offers the opportunity to place advertisements, so a person making payments is guaranteed to see the advertising message. Advertising
on the main monitor is displayed as a separate menu on the man screen.
This advertising text can be active and made in the form of buttons clicking which, you proceed to the picture with details on an advertised product or service.
Features of a kiosk
Wide opportunitites to connect
various kinds of services
Centralized advertising across
the entire kiosk network
Unique IT developments of in-house
software for payments and advertising
Elegant, modern
and stylish design
Large 42"
advertising display
European quality standards,
CE certificate
NT. Payments Advertising Platforms
This is a unique extra opportunity
available on each NT.Payments kiosk.
This is the largest network in the country.
more than4000kiosks
more than4 millionloyal customers / week
Kiosks are located in the places with high stream of people where potential customers will be guaranteed to see them that will provide effective promotion of goods and services being advertised on the displays.
Self-service terminals are the best option
for shops and supermarkets as well as for retail
and service points where major customer flows
are expected.
NT.Payments kiosk has attractive and at the same time prime design, reduced noise level, low power consumption and small area (1 sq.m.). The terminal is supplied with a cash acceptor (Cashln), a receipt printer, a plastic card dIspenser, a plastic card reader for bank card payments and a bar code scanner (optional)
A receipt with printed information about a payment is one of additional advertising opportunities. Advertising information can be placed on the reverse side of a receipt or on the front side (optional).
The software installed on self-service terminals was developed by the Kiosk IT System Trading LLC (United Arab Emirates) and is unique in design, functionality and control interface in its own way.
A display of a payment terminal has the intuitive and clear interface, it is user-friendly for both teens and the elderly. The main display also offers the opportunity to place advertisements, so a person making payments is guaranteed to see the advertising message.
The second (top) liquid crystal interactive 19' display allows to demonstrate commercial ads and private announcements.
InDoor.TV advantages
Easy to use/Easy to connect

We install InDoor.TV screens in public places,
for example, shops, business centers, hotels,
restaurants, etc.

Power of a payment complex is supplied from
220V network. The power consumption is
200-300W. Communication to server is wireless
(30/60) or landline.

Variety of advertising formats/
Optimal use of advertising time

Promo screen can display static images,
videos as well as scrolling text.

All advertising time is divided into B segments,
15 seconds each one, because changing visual content
draws more attention and helps to maximally come
into contact with the audience.

Positive attitude towards this
type of advertising/Convenience
for customers and advertisers

Digital signage is less intrusive. It attracts people without
irritating them but can significantly affect customers' choice.

You can pay for more than 400 various services in kiosks,
including utilities, public services and purchases
in online stores. We offer the ability to post content
in various formats (video, static images, scrolling text) and
centralized media content management to advertisers.

Target advertising/High
coverage of the target audience

We are able to display only that content which is
interesting for a specific audience.

NT.Payments kiosks are installed in crowded places:
shops, business centers, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Modern hi-tech design/
Reliability and safety

Our screens have an attractIve design, feature
wide view angle, superior color rendering, high contrast
and most vibrant images. They can embellish any place.

Our servers ensure uninterrupted real-time operation
of an advertising and payments kiosk NT.Payments,
instant payments, quick uploading and updating
of advertising material.

Remote control/Multifunctionality

Special software InDoor.TV allows to manage the broadcast
of the promo content remotely.

NT.Payments kiosk gracefully combines the function
of a payment terminal and advertising display.

InDoor.TV in operations
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